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Had me hooked from the first two sentences. Incredible storytelling and characters, perfect blend of mystery, madness, and monsters. 5 million out of 5, please everyone listen to this immediately.

Horror with Heart

This podcast is amazing in terms of horror, mystery, and also friendship between two unlikely people. If you want a podcast with good characterizations, a fleshed out story, and phenomenal voice acting then Malevolent is definitely for you!

absolutely fantastic

The story, sound design, and voice acting are all top notch. Audio dramas may not be your thing, but if they are, you'll love Malevolent.

The Best Parts of Lovecraftian Horror

Malevolent has superbly crafted a story of violence, monsters and mystery. I love the conceit of a Arthur man with a voice in his head, who has exclusive use of the protagonist’s eyes. As Arthur blindly gropes through this world, so do we. Why is the voice bound to him? Why is everyone out to hurt …

One of the Most Immersive Shows Out There!

Beautifully done and legitimately terrifying! I listen to a LOT of horror pods and this is one of the few that scare me. Bravo!


This show is absolutely amazing! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the SFX are so good, I’ve had to do the audio equivalent of a double-take when I’m listening. 10/10 would recommend!

an eldritch delight

the story is interesting and exciting, the characters are engaging and fun, and the sound design is stunning!! I was hooked from the first episode and I'm eager for more!

Here's the deal...

The best review I can give for Malevolent is that I listened to about 10-15 seconds of it and got so scared by the sound design I had to turn it off. 5 Stars.

"What if you couldn't trust your eyes"

We've all wondered if the shape of reality is reflected properly in our eyes, that sometimes we feel that we can't trust what we see. What if we take it one step further? In Malevolent, we're introduced to a brilliant premise, that the narrator has lost control of part of their eyesight (or p…

You definitely need to listen.

Lovecraftian horror and two guys just sharing a body and being pals? Yelling each other’s’ names? Beautiful music? Lovely voice acting? A very intriguing story so far? I feel like this podcast was made for me, and I love it.

The Best Horror Audio Drama

An incredible mix of a brilliant concept, wonderful execution, and extremely talented sound design. The creator delivers an experience that will pull you into the dark and foreboding world of Malevolent, making it easy to lose yourself in this wonderful story.

Literally amazing

It’s a crime that this show doesn’t have more listeners and I can tell that the people behind it are just good at this, like they could make another podcast and have it be just as good. Thank you Apple podcast algorithm for showing me this

Fascinatingly Spoopy

This is a fantastic podcast that makes you sit on the edge of your seat while building incredible suspense and outright fear. It's the right level of twisted and creepy throughout! Lovecraft would be proud :D


This has become my favourite ongoing podcast. Besides the fascinating premise of a man losing his sight and finding a voice in his head that can use his eyes, the plot is wonderfully mysterious, voice acting is top notch, and sound design is beautiful. Anyone who enjoys horror/mystery/thriller shou…


This is the best serial podcast I have ever listened to. It’s both terrifying and humanizing at once. The characters are vividly portrayed and the writing is superb. We listen to the episodes more than once and catch something new every time.

Lovecraftian Horror at its Absolute Best

If you enjoy anything from the Lovecraftian mythos, you will absolutely enjoy this podcast! Harlan does an incredible job. It's atmospheric in all the right ways.