ive laughed, cried, yelled, and sobbed with this podcast. I love this podcast so so much its unreal.


This is a very curious podcast, featuring two main characters in one body. I listened to the first few episodes and didn’t think I liked it much. It’s fast-paced and I continued to listen to see what would happen next, however. Next thing I know, I realized that it’s one of my favourite podcasts. I still think it’s bizarre, but the acting, production quality and writing keep me involved every episode. Kudos (and thanks) for such an original podcast. Please keep it coming!

I was tricked. I thought it was just another generic Lovecraftian Investigator Awakens Eldritch Horror but then Harlan tore out my heart and salted the wound with my own tears. Bravo. Elaborate soundscaping, mysterious narrative, but the true beauty of this audiodrama is in the emotional bond between the two leads which strengthens even as the worlds they move through try to tear them to pieces.

Amazing, trully amazing story. Outstanding soundscaping and overall a great, eerie, moving show!

Very good

Creative and high production quality

*exited vocal stims and hand flapping noises* thats me after every single episode and chapter of this amazing podcast, everytime I'm left speechles, so yeah please listen to this, I need more people to gush about this podcast to.


All around just so good. It's evident alot of hard work and talent goes into producing this podcast. I can't compliment it enough. Impeccable.

Absolutely 💯 one of the BESTEST Podcasts I've gotten to enjoy ♥︎

as of writing this is, there are 22 episodes and have finished episode seven. A classic 1930's private investigator story with a eldritch twist. The story has similar narration and descriptions to 90's point and click mystery computer games, that I find endearing. The first couple of episodes it almost sounds like the entity that follows the main character, Arthur, is talking through one of those Booomwhacker tubes and it is a little distracting but it is quickly toned down a few episodes in. For sure worth a listen if you like old detective stories.

Absolutely and truly wonderful from top to bottom. My son and I both listen and talk very frequently about this show. It really means a lot to me!

Harlan Guthrie - Creator, writer, editor, voice actor. He literally does it all, and does it all well. Malevolent stands apart not only in its ability to create an action packed narrative, but it's also the only horror podcast that's genuinely scared me. The creator is consistent, and dedicated. The sound production is rich and wonderfully indulgent like a thick milkshake. Weird comparison but you'll know what I mean when you listen.

A really interesting concept with a unique and fun execution. It's a love letter to Weird Fiction worldbuilding; it's an exercise in interactive storytelling; it's an inspection of personhood and humanity, and whether those things are earned or inherent; it's a tragedy that makes us mourn missed opportunities, mistakes and bad choices, and things we didn't realize we had until we lost them.

By far my favorite audio drama. Such a great concept for a podcast, with the narrator literally being the eyes for the character and having to describe everything to both him and the audience. Excellent atmosphere and writing. Haunting and heartbreaking and curious. Amazing that it's a one man show. Always eagerly awaiting the next installment.

so, so, so SO extremely well done from every angle! Given the width of the show settings, I have to talk about the sound design first - EXTREMELY good and chill-inducing. Sometimes there'll be a sound that's just so disgustingly perfect for the situation. The voice acting is also perfect, ESPECIALLY upon the realization that both Arthur and his demon are played by the same voice actor. Their conversations together sound incredibly natural, and both have such good, different inflections on their lines. And the ongoing plot! Each new element of the plot hits really nicely - whether we're meeting a new monster, a new person, or encountering a new problem. There's a lot of really, really good, intense emotion in the show that has me REALLY excited when I see a new ep pop up in the feed!


I cant say enough positive things about this podcast. It is engaging, evocative, thoughtful and well produced. I’ve fallen in love with the characters and have caught myself holding my breath, waiting to see what happens next. I love it. Thank you for this podcast and all of the hard work that obviously goes into it.

Horror/mystery inspired by Lovecraftian mythos, with one person performing all the characters. The body-sharing scenario with is an excellent use of the audio-only medium, as it creates an engaging narrative reason for surroundings to be described. The protagonist can't see impending danger any more than the audience can, which makes the experience immersive and is enhanced by the sound design. It's also a choose-your-own adventure story on the podcast's patreon, which is noticeable in a charming way and drives some of the interpersonal conflict. Tension exists not only in the dangerous situations the protagonist finds himself in, but in the developing relationship between him and the entity occupying his body as they are forced to work together to resolve their situation, which explores issues of symbiosis, body autonomy, and trust. The growth between the protagonist and the entity is interesting, though some of their arguments regarding autonomy become a bit circular over time.

Here you are, minding your own business, until one day you wake up on the floor, unable to see, and with a spooky new voice in your head giving you directions and telling you what to do - at least until you start arguing nonstop. Also there’s a missing girl, a whole bunch of scary monsters biting at your heels, an evil book, some shady cult shit that may or may not have something to do with your spooky invisible friend, and more than one dark and mysterious past to hide. Come join us in the Malevolent cult. New members are always welcome.

One of the very few horror podcasts that has jump scared me. Every episode makes my heart race. Immersive storytelling that will suck you in. Harlan does an amazing job.

A fantastic cosmic horror story with the cleverest hook I've ever heard for an audio drama. Fantastic writing, acting and storytelling!

Malevolent is a wonderful, tense show that will leave you wanting more and more. It's done very well, too! Excellent horror!

The genius of Malevolent isn't the voice acting, though it's fantastic. It's not in the sound design, which is top notch. It isn't in the subject matter, which is straight out of Lovecraft and thus destined to be popular. It isn't even the fact that everything in the show is done by one person. The genius of Malevolent is how *smart* it is in the way it uses the medium. With a blind protagonist and a voice in his head that has to describe everything to him, Harlan Guthrie perfectly inserts the listener in the action and deftly dances around the limitations of the audio-only format. Not just smart, it's bloody brilliant.

So Addicting!!

I've never been a big horror podcast fan and I almost was too scared to continue this podcast after episode 2. Well, I'm now fully caught up with it and I'm so glad I stuck through. I binged it during work and I kept getting scared when my coworkers would drop by to talk to me because I was so engrossed with the plot and didn't notice them approaching. No regrets. I love it and a huge kudos to the production behind this podcast.

A must listen for fans of horror or audiodrama in general!

Absolutely adore this podcast! Within the first minute I was hooked by the amazing production values, immersive and believable acting, and intriguing premise--and it's only gotten better with every episode! This is truly a story that makes the absolute most of the specific media employed, with a built in reason for the setting to be explained to the listener while also supplying a great audio atmosphere that brings the characters and setting to life. I love the very close, intimate focus the show places on its characters and their journey, and I look forward eagerly to every release. Keep up the great work!


Malevolent is the type of podcast that gets you hooked within the first episode. From the world building to the character dynamics, it's abundantly clear that this story is one woven with deep care & consideration.

Malevolent is fantastically creepy. The soundscaping is incredibly well done and the characters dynamic is very fun to listen to. I usually listen to podcasts with 10- 25 minute episodes but this one just grips me and doesn't let go, however long the episode is. Also honestly, it's even fun to relisten to. One morning I listened to the same episode 4 times in a row (guess which one?) and only stopped because I had a class lol ALSO, just a fun fact: if you're running in the dark, this is the perfect podcast to listen to. Just try it and you'll know (: Favourite quote: "ARTHUR!"

There is nothing out there as scary, innovative, mysterious, and did I say scary as this. And when you realize its from one guy, it's almost too much. I was sucked in almost immediately by the pov that the story is told from, throwing you into a sudden mystery with twists and turns that leave you legitimately frightened in the dark. The descriptive way the monsters are described, and the horrible noises they make, made me physically ill and sometimes I had to turn it off since I work with animals and controlling your energy to stay positive is a must. Even as an old pro at this, I had to walk away briefly to slow my heart beat down. I hear it's a million times better as a Patreon supporter and one day, maybe I'll get to experience that but even as just a listener, and not a contributer, it's one of the best podcasts I've ever heard.

Malevolent gripped me in the first 30 seconds and it hasn't let go yet. I'm a huge fan of Lovecraftian horror and this is peak. The sound design, the acting, the writing, all of it is top notch and absolutely worth listening to. One of the struggles of a podcast is setting the scene since it's all audio, and Malevolent has a truly inspired method of describing what the characters see, because one has just become blind and the other has hijacked his sight. It's so clever and an exciting way to be served up the story. And the story is thrilling and so many threads are laid down to be picked back up later and when it pays off it really pays off. It's a choose your own adventure with supporters of the show making decisions for the character, but the writing is so smooth that I honestly had no idea for the first few episodes that it was happening. No matter what the decision, the outcome flows so nicely into the larger narrative that it's like it was intended all along. And as for voice acting and soundscaping, this is the best you'll find. You'll hear quite a few different characters in this audiodrama, but it's all the same actor/creator. Which is another thing I found out later because I couldn't tell at all. The voices are so distinct and well done and I'm in awe of how characters played by the same person interact so seamlessly that it feels like a full cast. And the sound design is better than heavily produced podcasts I've listened to. Not just on par, but better. Seriously, do yourself a favor and just listen to it.

Absolutely fantastic Lovecraftian horror tailored to the medium. The characterization and relationship of the two leads is great, the editing is superb, and it's unbelievable that every single character is voiced by the same person.

Malevolent is my new obsession. Absolutely stellar production quality, amazing writing and acting, truly intriguing plot and characters I adore. Would highly recommend for anyone who likes horror audio and especially cosmic horror. Or buddy cop stories, lol. I knew in the first 10 minutes I was hooked and hours and hours later I still adore it.

Like a bit of tension. Want to explore a world of horror. Then tune in. Each episode is short enough for you to fit in to your day, no matter how busy. And I promise it will be worth your while. The premise is enough to have you off balance, then the production work will have you jumping and squirming. The timing of the beats is really well down, the ups and downs, the tension, the humour, the emotion, all blending into a whole.