Realy interestin take on the story of two "persons" being bonded together in one body.

Love it

Very well written and captivating. The voice work is excellent. The descriptions the characters give allow the listener to almost see what is happening.

It's such a well made story. It uses the medium of podcast well with the MC being blind and having to hear the description of everything to be able to move around. Additionally the relationship between the main cast is just wonderful. It delivers Lovecraftian horror well but the drama... the drama is what kept me hooked

It's a trap! Started it out of curiosity and now I am obsessed with the story and what happens next. The podcast itself has amazing sound and audio work too! Would recommend it to anyone.

I love this podcast so much. It is my favorite audio drama of all time. Never have I had so many emotions over characters. The mysteries are so fun to puzzle out as the story progresses. If you like mystery, lovecraftian monsters, psychological, thriller. These characters have such great emotional depth and complexity. They are so far from static and thats very refreshing. Its all constantly evolving and keeps you endlessly guessing. Come join us on discord and patreon! We have a minecraft server.

This podcast is amazing! The voice acting and expression of the emotains the characters are feeling never fail too amaze me and the story is really enjoyable. 10/10!

It quickly became my favorite podcast of all time- and I listen to a LOT of podcasts! Phenomenal work, I look forward to every episode with baited breath

Do you want to feel things? This is the podcast for you.

Malevolent is one of the most captivating podcasts I've had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. It draws you in right from the beginning and keeps you wanting more! If you're a fan of horror, of even just good plot and great acting, give this a try. You won't be disappointed!

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A masterpiece in every aspect. Unlike many podcasts, they manage to not only fully capture the elusive feel of Eldritch horror, but interweave it with a thrilling story and engaging characters. Every aspect of this show is masterful and it never overreaches or outstays it's welcome. I also want to say that the premise and method of storytelling are genius, and have made me feel more immersed in the story and the characters than any other podcast out there.

My favourite podcast

I love this podcast so much honestly, Typically I listen to podcasts when I work out and mindlessly listen to them. But when I listen to Malevolent I literally have to sit somewhere and constantly listen and do nothing else. I need to focus on this and honestly I have spent over 9 hours consecutively just sitting on the couch listening to this. I am on the 3rd season and last episode before the 4th but this podcast has become literally my favourite podcast I have listened to in a while. 10/10 voice acting and plotline. Everything is so great and I love this podcast so much!

Harlan is a truly wonderful writer and actor. This show is rising in popularity and listens due to its exquisite production, and you'd do well to join us in our cultish devotion.

Spoiler Warning! The writing is absolutely phenomenal! Took a few episodes to get me into it but once I was, I was hooked. Arthur and John's relationship and struggles are portrayed so well. The sound design and atmosphere is very moving. Cannot recommend it more!

One of a kind Excellent

I too really enjoy this podcast. I tend to listen to podcasts when I go to bed, the help keep my mind off the day and go to sleep. Malevolent, however kept me on the edge of me seat I’d fine myself losing hours of sleep because I wanted to know what happened next. Thanks for the great entertainment!

Really engaging and absolutely spooky!

It's been so incredibly gratifying to watch the following for Malevolent grow, and grow, because it's so obviously a labor of love. And it shows. Gripping writing captures the feel of "Lovecraft" flawlessly, carrying the weight of the dread and suspense straight to your heart, buoyed by black humor and moments of tender sincerity. If you're expecting a pulpy detective story, I'd actually say you're in the wrong place. Malevolent has all the trappings of the genre, and the mysteries are certainly thrilling enough. Ultimately though, it's too clever for that. The characters are tortured in every sense, flensed by circumstance and laid bare for our judgement as much as their own. Over the story, they spend as many moments being human as they do questioning their humanity in a way that you can't keep from tugging at your heartstrings. So, between the above praise and the varied and nuanced performances and sound design delivered by Harlan, there's no question that this will remain a favorite of mine long after it ends.

Malevolent is truly one of the best audio dramas out there. I’ve just spent the past week binging it, and I truly believe it is a masterpiece. Between the writing, the acting, and sound design, I could go on for ages about this show. I love it so dearly. The dynamics between all the characters are so interesting and well written. This show is truly a masterpiece and I am astounded at the fact that it’s made by one person. If you are on the fence about listening, do yourself a favor and LISTEN!!! You won’t regret it.

Every now and then I remember that this podcast is Oops All Harlan Guthrie and am floored all over again. The level of creative craftsmanship that goes into this absolute powerhouse of a show is top tier and every episode reaches straight into my heart to squeeze it like a stress ball. I absolutely adore Malevolent and cannot wait to see where the story continues in season 3!

Malevolent uses the audio drama medium SO cleverly by having the story begin with the protagonist Arthur waking up with no sight and a strange new voice in his head. The Lovecraftian horror is gruesome and brilliant, but the show also understands the horror in very human tragedies and I will freely admit to sobbing through many an episode. I didn’t realise when I first started listening that the show is released in ~10 minute instalments on Patreon and listeners there vote on the direction of the story which is a really interesting way of storytelling. The voice acting and sound design on the show are both amazing and I’m sure every new listener is astounded when they realise that it’s all done by one person. I am holding my breath waiting for the next instalment!

ive laughed, cried, yelled, and sobbed with this podcast. I love this podcast so so much its unreal.


This is a very curious podcast, featuring two main characters in one body. I listened to the first few episodes and didn’t think I liked it much. It’s fast-paced and I continued to listen to see what would happen next, however. Next thing I know, I realized that it’s one of my favourite podcasts. I still think it’s bizarre, but the acting, production quality and writing keep me involved every episode. Kudos (and thanks) for such an original podcast. Please keep it coming!

I was tricked. I thought it was just another generic Lovecraftian Investigator Awakens Eldritch Horror but then Harlan tore out my heart and salted the wound with my own tears. Bravo. Elaborate soundscaping, mysterious narrative, but the true beauty of this audiodrama is in the emotional bond between the two leads which strengthens even as the worlds they move through try to tear them to pieces.

Amazing, trully amazing story. Outstanding soundscaping and overall a great, eerie, moving show!

Very good

Creative and high production quality

*exited vocal stims and hand flapping noises* thats me after every single episode and chapter of this amazing podcast, everytime I'm left speechles, so yeah please listen to this, I need more people to gush about this podcast to.


All around just so good. It's evident alot of hard work and talent goes into producing this podcast. I can't compliment it enough. Impeccable.

Absolutely 💯 one of the BESTEST Podcasts I've gotten to enjoy ♥︎

as of writing this is, there are 22 episodes and have finished episode seven. A classic 1930's private investigator story with a eldritch twist. The story has similar narration and descriptions to 90's point and click mystery computer games, that I find endearing. The first couple of episodes it almost sounds like the entity that follows the main character, Arthur, is talking through one of those Booomwhacker tubes and it is a little distracting but it is quickly toned down a few episodes in. For sure worth a listen if you like old detective stories.

Absolutely and truly wonderful from top to bottom. My son and I both listen and talk very frequently about this show. It really means a lot to me!