March 25, 2021

Part 9: The Boat





Waves splashing


Collin: Don’t look at him Mitchell


Mitchell: Why is he lookin’ around like that?


Collin: I don’t know. Are you okay? You look… bothered.


Mitchell: Yeah. Yeah, I’m just… yeah, I’m fine.


Footsteps on boat deck


Collin: Why are you lookin’ around like that Laurence? You’re makin’ my partner uncomfortable.


Arthur: Like what?


You’re not starin’ at anything, you’re just… lookin’ around.


I’m blind.


You’re blind? Bullshit.


Fabric rustling


Collin: Hm, well I’ll be. He’s blind, Caldwell!


Mitchell: Blind?


Collin: Yeah.


Mitchell: How did he kill that-


Arthur: I told you I didn’t kill him.


Collin: You didn’t?




Collin: Well, I think you’ll spend a couple weeks in county and then we’ll see about exactly what you did or didn’t do, hm?


Lighter flicks, Collin lights a cigarette,  waves splashing


Mitchell: (From a distance) Collin!


Collin: Yeah?


Collin takes a drag from his cigarette




Come here for a second.






I can barely see anything in the fog but… what is that?


Uh.. I don’t know. Are we back at the docks?


Nah, it’s too soon.


Go slow.


Boat motor slows


What is that?


I uh… ah damn, Caldwell that’s a ship! Get the light, kill the engine.


Boat motor stops, waves splashing


Collin: Hello! Is anybody on board?


Mitchell: Is it… it looks rusted through. She’s huge. Who would leave her here in the harbour? How wouldn’t we have…


(Calling out) Hello?


Machinery whirring


What’s that noise?


I don’t know, a motor? I’m not sure.


Footsteps, machinery whirring


What is it? A fishing boat?


Maybe, it’s big. It’s got rooms for Christ’s sake. Maybe it came in from the ocean, got lost in the fog.


What do we do?


[Sigh] Alright kid, do you want to stay here with him or head on board and take a look?


Jesus Christ… I’ll take a look on the ship.




Footsteps, Mitchell exiting boat


Arthur: Officer…


Collin: (Flatly) What?


Where are we?


There’s a ship here. It looks abandoned but we’re makin’ sure no one’s on board, that no one is in need of help.


Officer, you’re making a grave mistake.


Well that’s a laugh comin’ from you.


Listen to me; this fog, this lake-


I think I’m just about done listenin’ to you


Except you have yet to try! I’m trying to tell you that I am not ‘Laurence Holder’, I bought that ID when I lost my own and as much as it looks very bad right now, I need you to understand that you and your partner are in danger. There is something wrong with this lake, this area, this… island that we’ve just come from.


Why do you say that?


(Frustrated) Because it’s true! I didn’t kill that man. I don’t know how he died, just… try to listen to me. Your partner, he’s in danger. He was already losing a bit of his mind and… this thing that has been following me, it-


Alright, that’s enough. (Calling out) Caldwell! You okay?


No, listen, this… being that has been tracking me, it weakens your mind until-


(Angry) I said that’s enough!


Arthur gets punched


(Calling out) Caldwell!




You’re gonna stay put right here.


Footsteps travelling away


(From a distance) Caldwell!


Collin exits boat, machinery whirring


John: Well this feels like it’s going to end well.


Arthur: You killed my partner.


I did, yes.


And now you want to work together again.


I just want to bask for a moment in the realization that, should these police bring you to jail, the King in Yellow will have his pick of the litter. Your bunkmate, the guards watching you… all of them can be infected by him, driven mad until they do his bidding, just like Amanda said. Imagine, not only being trapped in a cell for the rest of your days, but trapped in a cell with a mad king able to enter your dreams.


What is wrong with you?


(Angry) You! You do nothing but piss and moan while I have to sit idly by, unable to act on anything! It’s like watching a film about a pathetic man who can’t stand the sight of his own shadow and yet I am unable to leave.


Is that what you want? You want to leave because…


Because what?


Have you thought about what happens if I die? This… Dark World you seemed so ready to forget, it’s waiting for you John, or whatever the fuck you want to be called. And why do you think that place waits for you? What do you think sent you there in the first place? Maybe being a right prick is on the list of requirements for admittance, in which case pack your bag, because when we are done with this ride I am sure you’ll be heading back having met the qualification ten times over at least.


Water splashing


Arthur: That’s right, you’re so comfortable being along for the ride that you forgot that I am steering and I can drive us right off a fucking cliff, if I want.


You wouldn’t.


Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the only thing-




Arthur: What the fuck was that?


Something is shooting on the boat.


Shooting what?


How the fuck should I know?


(Forcefully) Listen, I don’t care if you and I don’t see eye to eye, if we don’t work together we’re dead. We’re both gone.




(Forcefully) So tell me what you see.


Waves splashing


The boat is a large fishing vessel, spotted with rust. It hugs the mist, much like our own boat.


The keys for this…?


Taken… by the older officer, the one who hit us.




The water is still. The younger officer tied the front of this boat to the drifting ship which… seems anchored.


Anchored? Hm. And the sound?


No idea. Nothing I can see is making that sound. There is a lot of fog surrounding us.


[Sigh] Right… alright.


Thumping, Arthur standing up


What are you doing?


Well we can’t row this boat back with our hands cuffed and it doesn’t sound  like they’re coming back.


So you’re going to go… what? Find them?


I don’t know, but I’m handcuffed and… what other options are there?


Just wait, or find a way to move this boat. Normally, I-


You want me to wait?


I want you to think.


That sounds like the same thing.


Machinery whirring, waves splashing


Arthur: If we wait here, we may not get a second chance.


So you…


So I’m going to follow.




[Resigned sigh] The ladder is to your right.


Footsteps, Arthur grunting


Have you considered how you’re going to climb with your hands cuffed?


I’ll make it work.


Arthur grunting, cuffs clicking, footsteps on ladder, thudding


[Satisfied chuckle] (Out of breath) There.


(Flatly) Impressive.


Thunder, Arthur grunting, scuffling movement


What- what is this ship?


It looks like a seafaring vessel, large enough to house a number of people. I can’t tell if it’s fishing or what… the fog is thick, even on the deck. To the right of us is the main living area, I suppose. I can’t see a door to enter but it’s the main part of this vessel.


Any sign of where the officers may have gone?




Machinery whirring


What is that sound? Can we find it?


It sounds like it’s coming from the back of the boat…


The stern.




Well let’s see about that first.








The door, leading into the living quarters… it’s open


The officers…


May have gone in there.


Right, let’s be careful.


Footsteps change from solid to echoing on metal as Arthur enters


There’s blood here in the hallway, running along the metallic walls of this room. It’s a short passageway forward into what looks to be the dining area for the crew.


The blood, is it… old?






Whatever happened here happened quite some time ago.


Flies buzzing, Arthur moving forwards


The dining room looks empty, well used… there are things strewn about though.


Flies buzzing


(Disgusted) Oh.... oh, the smell is very foul. Something has been rotting away in here. Oh, fuck. Where are the crew?


That’s the question, isn’t it?


The blood?


Leads up a small passageway, towards the bridge maybe… Wait.




There’s a cabin to your left that’s opened, head there.


Footsteps, thunderclap


Looks like a crew cabin for two. One bed is well made, the other… the other looks like they had a tough time sleeping. The floor is stained…




No, I don’t think so. It looks like mud or silt, the floor in general is in disarray. The sheets look well worn, maybe even slightly ripped.


I wonder what they were out here for. Does anything speak to… maybe their purpose for being here?


Nothing stands out... but the porthole window is broken and there’s a fair amount of grease on the cabinet doors.


Engine work?




Wind whistling, footsteps, wind grows louder


This window has a large stain beneath it…


How so?


As if something were leaking, mud-like.




Maybe they were passing something through and spilled it.


Were there any other cabins?


There was another cabin down the hall a bit.


Let’s check it out.




Because I want to understand what happened here?




A little further… there, to your left.


Metal door opens


Well? John?




There are… images all over the walls here…




Drawings, sketches, hundreds upon hundreds, all on top of each other.


Of what?




Human eyes, or…?


All different types. Some drawn large and loose, some small and beady… the floor as well is littered with pages.


What happened here?


Clearly someone very unwell spent time in this room. This doesn’t speak to a person in a healthy frame of mind.


Whose room is this? Is there a name on the door or…?


‘Captain’. It’s written on his trunk.


Pages flipping


[Sigh] The captain of the ship was obsessed, specifically with these eyes… that must have been terrifying to follow such a madman. What were they doing out here?


Pages flipping


There’s no log of sorts. There are a few articles pinned to the wall next to his bunk.




John: This bunk is just as torn as the last one… as if they all had a tough time sleeping. The first article reads “A Whale of a Tale”...


Thunder rumbling


...seems to be about a large whale that capsized a fishing vessel.


A whale?


There’s another article here about a local legend, a demon of the seas.




And another-


Metal squeaks, footsteps running past




I think something was watching us.




We should not linger here. Whatever happened to this crew…


Alright. Alright, yes.


Footsteps, door closing


Thunder rumbling, flies buzzing, metal creaking


The bridge is up a sharp set of stairs, go slow, I feel like something is close…




Footsteps on metal stairs


There’s blood here too, but it’s fresh.




This is the bridge. The large windows look out nearly every direction, but they’re broken.


Wind whistling


Broken? Removed or- or just cracked?


Large holes smashed into each one, as if done with a sledgehammer.


Footsteps on wet ground


What on Earth.... The blood?


It’s everywhere. The floor is covered in fresh blood, but there’s also old, dried blood on the helm. The fog outside is so thick it looks as if we’re in another world.


Wind whistling, footsteps


Where are we? You- You said the ship is anchored? Are there any documents here? A map, or…


Yes, next to the helm.






Yes... They’re definitely meant to be here.


They meant to be where?


Where we’re anchored.


Footsteps, thunder rumbling


But there’s nothing out here... the officers said we’re in the middle of nowhere.




The blood, where does it lead?




Wet footsteps


… The back of- oh fuck.


[Gasp] What?


The officer is here.


Is he…


No. He’s been shot in the head.


No! Oh fuck.


Three times.


What!? Which one?


The older one, the one who hit us… Burkhart, I believe.


Then the other one…


Shot him? Maybe. Maybe there’s someone still alive on this boat.




Arthur! We need to get off this fucking boat. Get the keys to the handcuffs.




Wet footsteps, Arthur panting


His belt… there.


Keys clinking, cuffs unlock


Ah, finally. I’m happy to never use these again.


No, keep them.


Right… The boat keys?


I don’t see them. Search him.


Rustling, searching




I don’t see anything. The other officer might have them.




His gun, it’s still in the holster, grab it. Back on the table I saw the layout of the ship.




Rustling, footsteps


There! Wheelhouse, that’s where we are. We came through accommodations, out from the deck facing the stern. We’re tied up on the starboard side.


Okay… okay.


There is the engine room, lower hold, upper hold, and factory deck… fuck.




There are many places the other officer could be.


Wind whistling


And should we even approach them?


Look, we can’t stay here regardless.




We have to find him, that we are in agreement about. Let’s start by going back to the ship, for all we know he might be there.


We are already here, let’s search here before we head back. Honestly there’s no sense in trying to navigate our way back to where we started, only just to come back here.






Right. Well, you said that there was a wheelhouse, er, the engine room…


The lower hold, the upper hold, and the factory deck.


The lower and upper hold I just assume is… storage of sorts?




What is a factory deck?


I’m not sure.


[Sigh] Alright, well we’ve checked the crew cabins, was that all of them?


I think so.


The staircase here, does it head straight down to the hold?


Yes, the one we took up here also heads down, though in a different direction.


Right, let’s head for the hold first, and… you said there’s nothing out here in the water?


No. They’ve circled coordinates on the map but they seem to be in the middle of nowhere.


Right… right.




Are we heading to the hold?


Yes, er… whichever we run into first, I suppose, upper or lower.


Keep the gun in front. If I say fire, fire.


A… alright


Footsteps descending metal stairs, wind stops, flies buzzing


You’re back in the kitchen, take a sharp turn and continue. No, the- yes. Down.


Footsteps on metal stairs


I would guess this is the upper hold.


Arthur’s voice echoing slightly in a large space


What is it used for? It smells like…




Yes... Yes.


Regardless, it’s now vacant. There is a door here connecting to what I would imagine is the lower hold.


A door?


Yes, it’s shut.


Footsteps, movement


Odd… I really cannot make sense of what they did here… what brought them out here, what caused them to abandon the ship?


Who said they abandoned it?


You said that upstairs too…


It’s a possibility, someone killed the policeman upstairs.

 Yes, I… I know, but…


But what?


But I think maybe you’re right. I think it… I think it was the other officer. Part of me doesn’t want to believe the King in Yellow can influence someone so quickly and so potently, but… but being optimistic isn’t a risk we can afford to take anymore. We are being followed… hunted, even. Why, I don’t know.


Amanda knew something she shouldn’t have, and now…


Now we know it too.


Maybe it’s that simple.


Maybe… Regardless, sorry, er… the boat, the keys, and then land.


Then Leerie.




The cult. We still need answers.




This isn’t going away, this is our life now.


Our life...


The door waits for you, Arthur.


Creaking, Arthur groaning


(Straining) It’s a bit stuck.


It looks like it might be slightly rusted.


(Straining) I.. I can’t- oh, wait… wait, there it goes.


I doubt he’s behind…


Arthur straining, door creaking


Wait… that’s not rust…


Door gives way, opens


(Choked) OH- oh my God. Oh... fuck, that stench.




(Gasping) Oh, that stench is unbearable. Oh my god.






We know what happened to the crew.




There are two men in here, their corpses are rotting, covered in dried blood.


(Gasping) Oh… Jesus f- Jesus fucking Christ


It looks like both sets of their eyes have been gouged out.


Arthur vomiting


Arthur, just breathe. Arthur.


I can’t- I can’t breathe, I can feel it in my… I can taste it. Oh, God damn. I need to- I need to…


Metal clanging, climbing stairs


Flies buzzing


Arthur, breathe. You’re in the kitchen. No, not that way that’s- no those are the crew cabin- yes, the deck is… yes.




(Gasping for breath) Oh… God.


Well, you’re back outside.


[Sigh] I couldn’t…


I know.


Waves splashing, footsteps


Oh.... What has cursed this ship?


Machinery whirring


We need to leave this place. Where else can we…




The factory deck, but that’s…


That fucking noise.


Yes, so you’ve said.


Where- I can hear it, it’s…


Arthur, the fog is so thick. Move slowly.


Footsteps, machine noise getting louder


What on Earth…




What is it?


I… I’m not sure.


It smells like… like petrol.


It’s definitely some sort of machine.


Is there a…


Wait... wait no that’s a-


Machine shuts off, waves splashing


Oh, that’s better, it was doing my head in. What is a petrol engine doing here?


It’s relatively small. It’s welded to the stern here and there’s a… there’s a line running off of it.


What do you mean?


There’s a large tube running off into the fog.


Well… where does it lead?


Footsteps, waves getting louder


Arthur, this runs straight off the back and into the water.


Into the water?


Yes. There’s actually a line tied off as well, a thick rope, knotted around the railing.




What was that?






Footsteps, splash


That! That, did you hear that?




Is there… is there something down there?


I think so…


What on Earth… sh-should we… should we pull it up?


It doesn’t matter what I say Arthur, we both know that you’re going to pull it up.




Why do you say that?


Why? Because it’s true.




You’ve always managed to put yourself in harm's way.


That’s not true, that’s not a-


You continually put yourself in a compromising position based on poor decisions. It’s not even a judgement Arthur, it’s just a fact.


A fact that you skew to suit your vitriolic vision of me.


Is that what you think?




Then why are you going to pull it up?


What do you mean ‘why’?


Just leave it. Just leave well enough alone. It has nothing to do with us or the problems we now face.




We need the keys, and we need to leave.


Waves splashing, thunderclap


And yet…


And yet…


Melancholy piano score begins to play


… you feel compelled to pull on yet another string.


(Softly) Yes.


I may not be seeing your way of thinking, Arthur, but I do see you. I see the way your mind works.


Piano score ends


Yes, I suppose you do.








What are we waiting for?


Some… sort of comfort, I suppose.


Comfort? [Laughter] Arthur, comfort was left on the floor of your office back in Arkham. It’s stuffed in the closet with long forgotten cases, worn weathered coats, and the body of your partner.


Footsteps, waves splashing


Why did you lie to me? Back then, you said… you let me believe that I killed him.




And you did.


Does the divide really seem that vast anymore? The line between you and I?


You act like this stuff doesn’t bother you, but it does. Whatever crisp, alien exterior you force yourself to keep… I don’t buy it.




No. You wanted to be called ‘John’. A month alone with no one but a nurse to visit, you felt something, a tug. Perhaps from a former life, perhaps only a vision of what I once had but… it warmed something in you.


You sound-


And what’s more, I feel it. I feel that warmth within you, deep down. Yes, there is hate, but your anger, it’s… it is a human-like petulance, as if a soul first learning to walk. Your violent outbursts, your sulky demeanor… you melt away when caught up in our path. Why do you shy away from it?


Arthur, I don’t even…


Right. Right, right. That’s like asking a scorpion why it stings the frog.




The nature of the beast, it- it’s a fable. A scorpion asks for travel across a deep pond on a frog's back, it promises not to sting. It convinces the frog, for “why would it kill both the frog and itself” and yet, halfway across the bite of the stinger kills the frog. “It is within my nature” is all the scorpion says before the two drown.


… That is a flawed fable.


[Scoff] Why?


Because the scorpion isn’t aware of what waits for him after death. Otherwise, nature or not... he wouldn’t kill the frog.


Thunderclap, rain


It looks like the rain has held off for as long as possible.




Water splashing, Arthur grunting, pulling up the hose


It’s deep, keep pulling


Arthur grunting, water splashing, hose scraping against railing


It feels like… like it’s caught on something. Is the tube…


Yes, the two are most definitely connected.


Arthur continues pulling


There, it’s almost…


Water dripping down


What is it? Can you see it?


I can’t quite tell, it looks like a machine maybe.


I can’t hold it for long-


Arthur… it’s a man. A man in a diving suit. Pull him up onto the ship.


Arthur pulls harder


(Straining) Jesus, he’s so heavy… let’s… let’s…


Body falls onto deck, Arthur sighs in relief


His body is… oh Jesus fuck, Arthur. The entire lower half of his body has been ripped clean off.


What… what!?


Arthur this man has been torn in half below the waist.


Christ! How? Why?


The tube is connected to his helmet, I guess… this is a breathing apparatus, a diving suit. He’s wearing a worn, deep grey suit that’s puckered with water. I cannot see the face behind the helmet.


Hi… his legs?


The entire lower half of him is missing, jagged and loose. His spine is broken and a few of his ribs have been pulled out through his stomach.


[Whimper] Oh- oh... oh my God… who… who is… who is it?


I don’t know. We could… take off the helmet.


No, no… no no, I don’t…


Then there’s no sense in guessing. A crewman, maybe.


...Fine… thank god I can’t see.


Rustling, buckles clicking, air hissing


Helmet thuds to the ground






His face, Arthur… you don’t want to...


Just tell me.


It looks like his eyes have broken open with the pressure, but… his mouth is agape, broken and torn into a ghastly scream of pain. There’s… there’s something moving in his mouth.




There are white worms crawling out of his… Oh, and his eyes as well. Arthur we need to-


Mitchell: Did you see it?




Movement, heavy footsteps


John: Arthur! It’s the other officer… he’s holding a gun on us and-


It’s okay.


Mitchell: (Forcefully) Did you see it!?


No- n…?


Thunder, rain


Mitchell: The eyes… I saw them.... I feel like they’ve plagued my dreams since I was a boy, but I’ve only just seen them, with newborn eyes today.


Footsteps approach


John: Arthur.


Officer…a- are you alright?


Mitchell: Hm? Yeah. I heard the voice.


Whose voice, I-


(Flatly) You know, who. His voice, I felt it.


John: Arthur!


Mitchell: Black stars. Cloudy depths. He wants more but didn’t push, he simply… unlocked the door.


Arthur, he's not wearing his uniform anymore…


But those eyes…


...he’s wearing a diving suit.


They stare at me.


He’s holding a second divers helmet in his free hand, the other hand-


Arthur: Officer Caldwell, right?


Mitchell: Yes, sir


Look, I know you’ve been through a lot, and I know that-


Put on the helmet.




That helmet, his helmet. Put it on.


Wha- why?


It’s down there.


What is?


The eyes. I want you to see ‘em too.


John: Arthur, go for his gun. I can guide you there, just… move side to side, and- and maybe if you-


Mitchell: Put the helmet on. Now.


Thunderclap, rain


John: Arthur! Grab it!


Arthur: I… I, uh…


Mitchell: Don’t come any closer.


John: Maybe… maybe you can go around to the side of him...


Running footsteps, struggle, gun shots




Thud, Arthur gasping


Arthur… you’ve been shot twice in the gut.


Arthur: [Laboured breathing] God damn… this hurts.




Arthur… don’t try to get up. He’s standing over us…


Mitchell: I can help you. Let me stop the hurt.


Gun cocks


Arthur: Wait!


Gunshot, high pitched whine


John: (Muffled) Arthur? You… Arthur?


[Laboured breathing]




[Gasping] John… I feel…


(Softly) Arthur, you’ve been shot in the chest.


I can’t feel…


Just- Arthur, I’m-


I’m sorry.


I… Arthur, you have nothing-


(Whispering) I’m scared.




Th- the Dark World…


I’ll meet you there... friend.


[Laboured breathing]




Arthur, turn your head. Can you move your- yes, there. The water… Arthur, there’s something coming out of the water. The gunfire must have… the officer is standing on the edge of the water but… there are… Jesus Christ, Arthur, there are tentacles coming out of the water. They’re…




Mitchell: You have some spirit, don’t ya?


Arthur: (Gasping) Please…


No need to say ‘please’ friend, I’ll make sure this one goes into your head.


(Gasping) Okay…


John: Arthur… the tentacles are wrapping around his…


Wet sounds


Mitchell: What the…? [Scream]


Crunching, ripping, squelching




John: [Gasp] Jesus Christ, Arthur! He’s just been torn in two! Arthur, there are tendrils coming out of the water on all sides. They’re moving about the deck, we need to move!


(Weakly) John…


Arthur, we need to-


(Weakly) I…


Melancholy piano score begins to play


[Sigh] Just… let it come. You’re not alone.


Piano score ends




Squeaking, woman whispering quietly, growing louder


Whispering reaches crescendo, eerie scream






John! John.. What-




What happened?


The wraith!




She appeared, Arthur, she… she whispered something to us, and…


And repaid her debt.


Your wounds…


I can hardly feel them, I… I feel...


Wet sounds


Arthur! One of the tentacles has wrapped around your leg-


[Strained grunt]


It’s pulling us towards the… hold your breath!


[Deep inhale]


Splash, underwater, bubbles


Arthur, you need to get out of... Jesus Christ! There are hundreds of massive tentacles here, all writhing and pulling apart the… Oh my God, Arthur… I see it… the eye… There is a creature of unfathomable size down here, it… it… it...


Bubbles, underwater movement


Arthur, get back to the boat! No… no… yes!


Swimming, bubbles


You’re almost there, just keep…


Swimming, breaching surface




Climb, Arthur!




The lower half of the officer is still on deck, get his keys!


Climbing, Arthur panting


Footsteps, keys jingling


Quickly, to the other bo-


Tentacle swings, thump, impact


Arthur, the tentacles are everywhere, waving and squeezing the-


Metal creaking


They’re pulling this entire ship down! Move!


Footsteps, climbing down


Footsteps, keys jingle


Arthur: Come on, come on- yes!


Boat starts, engine revs


(Out of breath) Jesus Christ. What’s happening to the ship?


It’s pulling it down... but… the fog has obscured it from view.


What the fuck was that!?


I have no idea… but it’s eye…


Don’t start coming loose on me now.


I won’t.


Waves splashing


The wraith…


She appeared as you drew your last breath, Arthur. It seems she had been watching us… waiting to repay the favour.


Well, I hope she considers us even, because…




I… nevermind. Let’s just get somewhere far away from here.


The fog is departing. The lake is… moonlit, and peaceful. It’s… [sigh] it feels like we came from a different world.


Ah, even on my skin, the air is sweet and clean.


I see the shore, and a large town a ways away.


I’m exhausted.


Yes. I can imagine… you died.


I know. I could… feel something on the other side.


What do you mean?


There was a moment where I heard… I felt…


The Dark World.


Yes, I think so, yes.


That was too close a call.


I know.


For both of us.




Slow down, we’re nearing the shore.


I’m going to ditch the boat.


Engine slows, stops


Are there any supplies?


This boat has a small cabin…




Some supplies. I guess we lost our gun when you put it down on the deck to pull up the body.


We lose guns more than anything else.


But it seems like you can be Arthur Lester again.


What supplies are here?


There are a few items, a lighter, a flashlight…


I’ll take them all… in this?




I heard… you said you heard something from the Dark World.


Yes, it was a voice, it… it said my name.


What did the voice sound like?




It sounded like you.




There, that’s all of it.


Let’s send it back out to sea.




Keys jingle, motor starts, engine revs


Footsteps, Arthur jumps into the water, splash


Looks like we’re back at one.


With a little more experience.


I’m going to start a fire, sleep on the beach. We’re far enough from the town?


Yes. It is a nice night, after all.


Footsteps on sand


Arthur… I’m… I’m sorry.


You’re saying that ‘cause you’re afraid.


I’m saying it because… I lost sight of what was important.


Not returning to the Dark World.


In part.


Only part?


I can’t remember who or what I am, but what I do know is that I have a choice in how I choose to act from here.


I suppose we all do.


Regardless, you and I are one, and I need to begin to see us as one. We may disagree, but I need you to know that I benefit from you and your existence greatly.


Sticks breaking, building a fire


(Curtly) Good. Great. Me too.




I’m just not in the mood right now John. I haven’t slept since waking up from my coma, and my body… [scoff] I’ve just woken from the dead.




I appreciate what you’re saying, I really do. Thank you.


Lighter flicks, flames ignite


[Sigh] There, that should do. Good night, John.


Rustling, settling into the sand






When you died… I heard you say something.


Mm… what?


A name.


Did I?


Who is Faroe?


My daughter.


Waves splashing


Good night, John.


Waves splashing


Transcribed by Eggsy39, thank you so much for their time and commitment to making this all possible.