Aug. 1, 2022

Part 24: The Mine


A long fall. Arthur hits the ground hard - he shouts in pain

John: Arthur!

Arthur groans, then starts laughing.

John: Arthur?! Arthur! Are you… Why are you laughing?

Gentle piano music

Arthur: [Fondly] John. 

John: Yes, for fuck’s sake! Why are we at the bottom of another fucking pit? Who was that? Where in the hell are we? Arthur! [Arthur coughs] You have blood on your… What are you wearing? Are you okay? That was quite a fall…

Arthur: We’ve had worse. 

Arthur laughs

John: I suppose so.

Arthur: You remember. 

John: Of course I do. You keep saying that.

Arthur: You didn’t, though. You said… You didn’t. 

John: What happened!

Arthur: After we separated, the King kicked me out into this—

John: We separated? 

Arthur: Yes. [Groans] Don’t you remember?

John: I… maybe, I..?

Arthur: I landed here… in a town called Addison, to the West of Arkham. 

Faroe’s waltz piano theme plays

John: Back on Earth? 

Arthur: Yes! But I was alone, bleeding, broken… 

John: Jesus…

Arthur: And then Kayne showed up when I flipped the coin. 

John: Kayne? 

Arthur groans

John: Arthur…

Arthur: He offered me a deal, that you would come back to me but you would remember nothing. And I took it. And a piece of the King – Yellow, I called him – he took over, and.... It was as if we never met — nothing, none of our memories together.

John: Fuck. 

Arthur: But that doesn’t matter now, because you’re back!

Music fade

John: But where are we? 

Eerie violins

Arthur: The town is run by a family called the Larsons— Wallace is a monster, John. He, he kills, he’s tortured I… I… and there’s something down here. It’s invisible

John: Invisible? 

Arthur: He made a pact with an outer god, and he… something lives down here. It does his bidding, it’s—

John: Alright. Okay, okay. 

Arthur: Where are we, exactly? 

Violins fade

John: We're in a mineshaft. There are stone walls but otherwise unlike the caverns in the Dreamlands, where we fought that creature. [Arthur chuckles] I’m sorry I wasn’t here, I — I didn’t know… 

Arthur: [Sigh] You have your hand back.

John: Yes?

Gentle piano music

Arthur: Let me shake it.

John gasps softly

Arthur: I’ve missed you, my friend. 

John: Oh. I was hardly gone. 

Arthur: You were, but that doesn’t matter now. Welcome back. 

John: Alright. Okay. 

Arthur: We need to get out of here. 

John: The mineshaft stretches above us, wooden beams supporting the walls of the cavern back up to the… who’s house was it? 

Arthur: Larson Estate. 

John: Right. It looks like it was an access point… once, a way into the house from below. There isn’t any light down here, only what’s from above, but I think I might see some lanterns along the walls. Where’s the lighter? 

Arthur: I don’t have my bag… oh… You don’t see it, do you?

Arthur pats himself down 

John: No.

Arthur: Fuck. They…wait. 

Eerie string stinger.

Arthur: Wait, no [lighter flicks open] I do have it — It was in my jacket, here!

John: Can you stand? Arthur, you fell a long—

Arthur: I know. I think so, I…

Arthur groans in pain as he struggles upright.

John: Take it easy!

Arthur: [Groaning]I, I think... I can — I can stand, I can walk.

John: There’s a lantern on the wall to your right. 

Arthur stumbles forward

John: Wait, stop. It looks like a pile of rubble or debris. Move around it to the left. 

Arthur chuckles and does so. 

John: There! The wall. 

Arthur opens the lantern, lights it with the lighter. 

Arthur: Okay.

Soft piano music plays as he starts walking with it.

John: The mine goes on Arthur, it’s straight. Thick wooden beams line the walls and act as almost a steepled roof supporting the tunnel all the way. It doesn’t look well-used, though – at least not recently. 

Arthur: No, this whole mine was closed by Larson. 

John: Why? 

Arthur: Cause he’s a fucking mad cultist!

John: A cultist? 

Arthur: Yes! The Order of the Fallen Star. Does it mean anything to you? 

John: No. 

Arthur: I didn’t think so.

John: So, what do you want to do?

Arthur: There’s an exit to this place, I’ve seen it from the outside. Larson must have absolute trust in this creature, though, otherwise he wouldn’t risk us being able to escape. 

John: If it’s invisible  there’s no real way we can outsmart it.

Arthur: No, but that’s not going to stop us from trying. 

John: Right. 


John: Arthur. 

Arthur: Yeah?

John: What the hell has happened to you? 

Melancholy piano plays


Arthur: What? What do you mean? 

John: You look run ragged. 

Arthur: Why thank you. 

John: No, I mean to say—

Arthur: I know what you mean. The voice in my head, Yellow, he…he wasn’t like you. He didn’t want the same things you want. I think… I think you want them. Do you..? 

John: Do I what? 

Arthur: You want to be human, right? You..

John: [Taken aback] What? 

Arthur: I just… never mind, I just... He was convinced that he deserved to be a god, that I should bow down to him, it was…it was fucking awful, John. It was you, without all of the humanity Lily gave you, that our time together granted you. Without the knowledge of…my daughter. You remember her, right?

John: I… I’m not going to say her name.

Arthur: Say it. 

John: I promised, Arthur—

Arthur: It’s okay. 

John: Faroe. 

Arthur: [Sigh] She brought you back, John, the same way she did me; she saved us. 

John: What do you mean? 

Arthur: Her song, it was… it was what made you remember. It’s what saved us. It’s what saved you from wherever you were. 

John: I owe her a lot, then. 

Arthur: We both do. 

Arthur hefts the lantern

John: So, where is the King then? 

Arthur: Yellow? 

John: Yes, sure. 

Arthur: I don’t know. You don’t remember anything from after the King in the Dreamlands, till now, right? 

John: Nothing. 

Arthur: You’re sure? 

John: I’m sure. All of this is as if it only happened a moment ago, Arthur. 

Arthur: Well then. I-I don’t want to consider what that means for “him,” especially…

John: Especially? 

Arthur: No, nothing. I’m not ready to consider whether or not the King is seeking us out, or… or if Kayne thinks we’ve broken our deal. 

John: Kayne is not someone we want to break deals with. 

Arthur: No, he isn’t. 


Arthur: But none of that matters if we don’t survive getting out of here. We don’t know the way out — we can’t climb back up, right? 

John: Not likely. 

Arthur: Then I suppose it's about stumbling in the dark, unless you have a better idea? 

John: Then what? If we get out? 

Arthur: Then we’re heading back up to the estate [Eerie violin stinger] and I’m going to kill Larson.

John: Kill him? You’re sure that’s wise? 

Arthur: I don’t care. I made a promise. One I intend to keep.

John: Let’s cross the bridge of getting out of here, first. For now, we need a solid plan. These tunnels—

Arthur: They’ll be on a grid system probably. We’ll keep a hand on one wall and move forward, right?

John: Okay. 

Arthur: Here. 

Arthur patting the wall

Arthur: And we’ll just keep our ears open? I don’t know… fuck.

John: Your hand is already black. 

Arthur: Yeah. They mined coal here.

John: Wait.

Arthur: What? 

John: There’s plenty of coal set into the wall. 

Arthur: Yes. 

John: Do you think the creature has any trouble seeing? 

Arthur: Hiding didn’t work too well last time. 

John: I mean hiding in plain sight, rubbing coal on your skin and face.

Arthur: Oh… Oh!

John: Yes.

Gentle piano music

Arthur: Brilliant, John. It’s…brilliant! It’s in the walls? 

John: Yes; you’d need to use a large stone to knock some free. 

Arthur: Which would make a great deal of noise. 

John: But it could save our lives.

Arthur: Or draw it right to us. 

Piano fades

John: Arthur, please

Arthur: Okay, okay, but we have to be smart about it. Maybe just little pieces at first. 

John: Alright. There’s a stone big enough by your left foot. 

Arthur: Here? 

John: Yes. 

Arthur picks up the stone.

Arthur: Alright. Where is the…?

John: Little further. There! 

Arthur: Is it just all over the wall?

John: There’s a fairly large vein, I suppose you’d call it, just above your head. 

Arthur strains

John: There.

Arthur breaking coal off the wall

John: A little more. 

Breaking coal down in three taps

John: I think you can pull some of it down, now.

Arthur: Okay. 

Arthur hits the wall with three taps — three taps echo further away

Arthur: Wait, wait, wait. 

John: What? 

Arthur: Listen.

John: I don’t hear anything. 

Tap tap tap, followed by another tap tap tap, further. Eerie violins play

John: Arthur…

Arthur starts breathing hard. He tap tap taps, echoed by another tap tap tap.

John: What the fuck is that? 

Arthur: I don’t know. An echo, or a…

John: An echo? 

Arthur: Caves are tricky, their design makes them extremely susceptible to whisper galleries and… re-reverberations…

John: You don’t believe that, do you? 

Arthur: No. 

John: Just get what you can. 

Arthur: Okay.

John: Everywhere exposed, now: hands, neck, face.

Arthur rubs the coal over his body. 

John: Oh…The blood from your ear is… 

Arthur: Fuck…

John: Mixing with the coal. 

Arthur: Wonderful. 

John: No, it’s actually helping. Arthur I still have a million questions about what the hell happened. 

Arthur: I know, I know, I’m sorry. But right now—

Tap tap tap

John: Fuck. I think this is as good as we’re gonna get it.

John: Your hands are covered. I can’t tell your face, but… 

Arthur: We’ll need to use our senses here. I’m going to leave the lamp. 

John: You’re sure? 

Arthur: This was all for naught if we’re spotted a mile away with a light. 

John: I know, it’s just… I won’t be able to see anything

Arthur sets the lantern down. Eerie piano music.

Arthur: Welcome to my world. Look, we’ll follow the tracks. They have to lead out. 

John: Alright. 

Footsteps. Something rushes past — Arthur gasps in fright.

Arthur: Jesus Christ! I think…I think something… just… r-ran past us.

John: I do, too. Keep moving!

Arthur continues

John: Arthur, the track has ended.

Arthur: What? 

John: There’s no more!

Arthur: Did we take a wrong turn, or…?

A creepy voice in the distance

John: Shhh. Arthur…

Arthur: [Whispering] We keep moving. I’ll keep one hand on the wall.

John: One hand? 

Arthur: It’s the only surefire way to escape a maze.

John: Alright. Try to keep your words to a minimum. 

Arthur: Mmm. 




Transcribed by the amazing Croik! My absolute appreciation to them for their effort and patience in making this.