May 1, 2022

Part 21: The Unconquerable



Arthur: [Guarded] Who is this? 

Sad piano music

The Entity: I’m a friend, the only friend you have right now. You’ve been through the ringer, it seems. Do you remember what happened? 

Arthur: [Upset] No… What happened? 

The Entity: We were in an accident, but it’s going to be okay. There’s a bag next to us — open it. 

Arthur: Why? 

The Entity: Because there’s something in there I need. 

Arthur: You don’t know what’s in the bag. 

The Entity: Oh don’t I? 

Arthur: Listen… [Sigh] … I know you. I-I know who you are — or what you are. I know what you want. 

The Entity: Do you? 

Arthur: [Deep breath] Fuck. 

The Entity: What’s your name, friend? 

Arthur: [Emotional] Jesus, it’s… it’s Arthur. 

The Entity: Arthur? 

Arthur: Yeah, look, I… I just need a second, okay? 

The Entity: Of course. 

Arthur: No, you don’t — goddamn it. 

Arthur pauses.

Arthur: Look, you need to listen to me, alright? 

The Entity: Do I? 

Arthur: Shut up! Just… just fucking listen. You… we… [Breathing hard - piano fades]. You are a fractured piece of something called the King in Yellow, alright? You may or may not remember that — I-I don’t know. But this isn’t the first time we’ve met. 

The Entity: Is that so. 

Arthur: Just… my name is Arthur Lester. Okay? Four months ago you and I… we met. [Main piano theme plays] I-I opened a book that had a symbol on it, that looked like one of these…

Arthur rustles through the bag 

Arthur: One of these. At first, we… we hated each other. You having control of my eyes… We tried to find a way to separate us, following a trail of breadcrumbs that led us to the north of Arkham, which was the city we met in. And there we found an underground city that revealed who you were and sent us to the Dreamlands. After three months we escaped, but you and the King were…were bound together. S-So I made a deal to bring you back. To bring us together again. 

The Entity: With whom? 

Arthur: I don’t know, but…but listen… you need to listen to me, please. This creature you were, this — this elder god, you… you didn’t want to be him. You wanted to be so much more. You… you wanted to be human. You found your humanity, John. Please, tell me you remember.

The Entity: John?

Arthur: Yes! John… my friend. 

The Entity laughs. Piano fades to eerie violins.

Arthur: No...

The Entity: So the game is up, then. 

Arthur: Sure.

The Entity: You’re clever. How foolish to think that I tried to play you. 

Arthur: It worked before. 

The Entity: Did it. 

Arthur: I… look, fuck, I… Look, I need you, to be my eyes. To survive this… wherever we are. 

The Entity: So, this isn’t your cabin?

Arthur: No, you… you kicked me out into this frozen hell. I can’t even see the interior of this place. I managed to feel my way to the fireplace. 

The Entity: Impressive. 

Arthur: [Curt] Thanks. 

The Entity: Your leg is covered in blood. 

Arthur: Yeah. Also care of you. I think it’s frozen to the…[Pulling at stiff fabric]  Oh…

The Entity: What? 

Arthur: It doesn’t hurt anymore, that fucking... He… My leg, it’s fine.

The Entity: [Doubtful] There’s a lot of blood. 

Eerie piano music

Arthur: No, it’s… he wanted me to live through this, to feel this way – knowing you’d forget everything. 

The Entity: Well, friend, I think we—

Arthur: Don’t — don’t fucking call me friend. It’s just—

The Entity: Calm down.

Arthur: Fuck this.

He stands up

Arthur: Where’s the door?

The Entity: It sounds like a blizzard out there. 

Arthur: [Angry] You fucking— I don’t want to be here right now. 

Eerie violins

The Entity: If you go out there, we’ll both die. 

Arthur: I don’t care! You’re not fucking John, you’re not my friend, you’re a goddamn parasite!

The Entity: ARTHUR!

Arthur takes in a sharp breath

The Entity: Stay here and sit the fuck down. I am not going to die because you threw a fucking tantrum! 

Faroe’s piano theme plays

Arthur: [Forlorn] Lilly. Tell me... how could you forget Lilly? She was the reason, John, she... She was the reason you cared, you… She changed you. How could you forget her? 

The Entity: I don’t know what you want me to say.

Arthur: Say you remember!

The Entity: [Coldly] I don’t. [Eerie music] Now listen to me, I have your fucking eyes, so you’re going to do exactly what I say. You separated me from my body, and you are going to put me back. I am the King in Yellowm and I will tear your soul apart if I have to! 

Arthur: [Bitterly - violins stop] You’re not going to do shit, you fucking asshole. 

The Entity: Excuse me? 

Arthur: I know who you are, you prick. I know what you are. And you’re going to do whatever the fuck I want, or I’m sending you back to the Dark World. 

Simplified main theme plays

Arthur: Oh, yeah, didn’t think I knew about that, did you? See this? 

Arthur walks over to the bag

Arthur: See this? [Rustles through the bag] This is called the Glass of the Cana. It has the power to send you back. Do you understand me? 

The Entity growls.

Arthur: Now you’re going to play nice and tell me what we see, or so help me, I will send you back to that empty void you came from. Understood?

The Entity: [Begrudgingly] Yes. 

Arthur: Good boy. Now, tell me what’s in this room. 

Footsteps. Melancholy piano plays

The Entity:  It’s a cabin. The walls are plain, dark wood, the floor is the same. There’s a stone fireplace made of grey cobblestone, with a dark cement binding them together. [Footsteps of Arthur moving about the cabin] The fire there is almost out. 

Arthur: Good, what else? 

The Entity: To our left is a bed. The sheet on it has been pulled off and stripped. At the foot of the bed, there’s a chest. Beyond that, a wardrobe. In the corner there’s a small writing desk, and above it, a rifle mounted on the wall. 

Arthur: A rifle? 

The Entity: There’s snow all over the ground and a great deal of your blood. 

Arthur: Good. Thank you. 

The Entity: Now you tell me! How did you bring me back? Why did you br—

Arthur: I told you why. We were friends, and you were in trouble. So I saved you. 

The Entity: You tore me from myself! You removed a piece of me, from my kingdom, my—

Arthur: [Impatient] Yes, yes. Look, I know you, too well.

The Entity: You know nothing of me. Or what I’m capable of. 

Arthur: Untrue. I beat you, Yellow — a mere mortal. I went face to face with you and I won.  

The Entity: So you’re not going to send me back. 

Arthur: If I send you anywhere it’ll be to the Dark World. 

The Entity: You don’t know what that place is. 

Arthur: I know exactly what it is. A dumping ground for everything that dies. Believe me, I know. 

The Entity: A dumping ground? 

Arthur: From all the worlds, all splintered timelines, a catch-all for the unwashed masses that fall in the heat of battle or the still of night. Look, they all end up there — I get it. And you will, too, unless you play by my rules. 

The Entity: I will make you suffer.

Arthur: I expect as much. The desk, where is it? 

The Entity: In the corner, to your left. 

Arthur: This way? 


The Entity: No, a little more. There. 

The Entity: What are you doing? 

Desk creaking, drawers opening.

Arthur: Trying to find out who this cabin belongs to. 

The Entity: Why?

Arthur: Why? Because I want to know if it’s abandoned, if someone is coming back, if the owner is dead… Why was it unlocked? 

The Entity: What does any of that matter? 

Arthur: It’s… what I do. Or what I did. 

The Entity: What you did? What did you do? 

Arthur sighs

The Entity: [Harder] What did you do? 

Arthur: What do you care? Now, is there anything in this drawer? 

The Entity: Some paper, a few writing implements: a pencil, an ink well that’s long since dried up. 

Flipping through pages

Arthur: Anything written on the pages? 

The Entity: Not in the drawer but on the top of the desk there is a note. 

Arthur: Why the fuck didn’t you say that? 

The Entity: I owe you nothing! 

Arthur: Jesus Christ. You weren’t this difficult the first time.

The Entity: You said we hated each other. 

Arthur: Yes, but we had a mutual goal. We both didn’t know why we were together, we both felt lost. Or at least I thought we did. We didn’t find out who… or what you were until much later. 

The Entity: How?

Main piano theme plays

Arthur: It doesn’t matter. This time I jumped the gun, I-I had hoped it would jog your memory, or… whatever that means. But it didn’t. You’re not John… you’re just Yellow. 

Yellow: Then send me back. 

Arthur: I can’t. 

Yellow: Why not? 

Arthur: Because, I owe you. 

Yellow: You owe me?

Arthur: I owe my friend to try and save you. 

Yellow: I don’t need saving. You said our goals were aligned. 

Arthur: They were because we didn’t know each other! 

Yellow: I don’t know you. I owe you nothing, and you owe me nothing. I am a prisoner, trapped in your eyes. 

Arthur: You really don’t remember? Nothing? Nothing about our time together? 

Yellow: Nothing. 

Arthur: Then I’ll send you back. As soon as you help me find someone. 

Yellow: Who? 

Arthur: A girl, a-a woman by the name of Anna Stancyzk. 

Yellow: Anna Stanczyk. 

Arthur: Yes. She has what I need. 

Yellow: What is it you need? 

Arthur: It doesn’t matter. If you help me get to her, I’ll send you back. 

Yellow: Swear it! 

Arthur: I swear it. You’re not my friend… I was foolish to hope that you were anything but a monster. 

Yellow: And you’re nothing but a mortal. 

Piano fades

Arthur: Now what’s the letter say?  


Yellow: It’s from Larson Mining Co., or at least the letterhead is. The body of the text, it’s written in... well I mean… I can barely read it. 

Arthur:  It’s faded? Not English? What—

Yellow: It’s illegible. Whoever wrote it didn’t have a grasp of the English language, that’s for sure. 

Arthur: Can you make out anything?

Yellow: ‘Leaving now, sorry mum’… something like that. 

Arthur: Fuck. Larson… mining… I don’t recognize it. I don’t recognize anything.

Yellow: Alright, so what now?

Arthur: I dunno.

Yellow: You said this is what you do. 

Arthur: It was…

Yellow: What do you mean? 

Arthur: I was an investigator, okay? I would look into problems, solve them for people. 

Yellow: Solve the problem of how the fuck we get to Anna Stanczyk. 

Arthur: Relax, I will. [Deep breath] If we have any chance, we’ll need warm weather clothes and a fire… plus I wanna keep searching. Is there another else on the desk? 

Yellow: Yes, there are some more drawers. 

Arthur: Alright.

Yellow: Well, which do you want to do first? 

Arthur: Let’s just search the place. 

Yellow: Okay. 

Arthur: I’m chilled to the bone and it feels like it’s getting colder. Let’s come back to this desk - where’s the wardrobe? 

Yellow: Near the foot of the bed, 

Arthur: Right. 

Yellow: Opposite the chest. 

Stands, moves to the wardrobe

Yellow: Here. 

Arthur: Ah...

Arthur opens the wardrobe and rifles through

Yellow: A number of jackets, some well-worn clothing.

Arthur: Well worn?

Yellow: Yes. They’re covered in dirt and mud, their knees especially. 

Arthur: Knees? What kind of clothes are they? 

Yellow: What kind? Who cares?

Arthur: Just fucking tell me. 

Yellow: I don’t know how to answer that, Arthur. They’re pants. Blue, dirt covered pants. 

Arthur: Denim? 

Yellow: Denim, sure. 

Arthur: Well that tracks with the mining company. 

Yellow: What? Why? 

Arthur: Denim is strong — miner’s wear them. The knees don’t wear out, the fasteners stay in place, the seams are riveted. 

Yellow: Jesus Christ. 

Arthur: What? 

Yellow: Nothing. Why do you know all this? 

Arthur: I knew someone who was a garment maker once, okay? 

Yellow: Who? 

Arthur: Nope. Not doing that again. 

Yellow: Doing what? 

Arthur: Doesn’t matter. [More rifling] Anything else? Anything cleaner or warmer?

Yellow: Hmmm, yes one of the jackets is fairly warm. Two rows of buttons on it.

Arthur: Double breasted? Very warm. Alright.

He takes the jacket

Yellow: What the hell happened to your hand? 

Arthur: What do you mean?

Yellow: Your finger. 

Arthur: Oh, I uh... there’s a forest in the dreamlands. I had to remove it there, to leave. 

Yellow: Interesting. 

Arthur: Yeah… is the wood still sticking out of it? 

Yellow: The wood, is that what it is? It looks like dark bone. 

Arthur: I suppose.

Yellow: Does it hurt? 

Arthur: You’d like that. 

Yellow laughs.

Arthur: Fuck.

Arthur handling the clothing.

Arthur: Damn, I suppose I could use a complete change of clothes...

Yellow: There are pants in there too, clean ones I mean. As well as undergarments. 

Arthur: Right, okay.

Arthur changes into the clothing

Yellow: You’re thin

Melancholy piano music plays

Arthur: Yes, well, I was starved to near death. 

Yellow: Oh really? 

Arthur: Yes. 

Yellow: Sounds like something I’d do. 

Arthur: Fuck you. 

Yellow: [Laughs] You really beat me?

Arthur: And I’ll do it again.

Yellow: Hmph. 

Arthur continues to dress

Yellow: How many pairs of pants do you need to wear? 

Arthur: As many as will fit. [Sighs] 

Yellow: What? 

Arthur: I need a bath…and a shave.

Yellow: Good luck. 

Arthur: [Sigh] Okay. Better at least… warmer… though this room is getting quite cold. Or was it always this cold?

Yellow: The fire’s dead. 

Arthur: Right, well, anything left in the wardrobe? 

Yellow: Nothing of importance. 

Arthur: I’ll decide what’s important — is there anything else. 

Yellow: No. 

Arthur: The chest? 

Yellow: Behind you. 

Arthur opens the chest. 

Arthur: Well? 

Yellow: There’s a lantern, dust covered, a stack of papers, a pair of mud-crusted boots, gloves, a coil of rope, and what looks to be a broken bottle of oil. 

Arthur: Hm. The boots and gloves for sure. 

Yellow: Left side.

Arthur removes his shoes.

Arthur: Goodbye, shoes, you’ve kept me well. 

Yellow: Those things are worn through. 

Arthur: I had many miles to go. 

Arthur: Let’s hope these fit. 

Arthur pulls the boots on

Arthur: Good enough.

Pulls the gloves on.

Yellow: Your finger, you can feel it still? 

Arthur: I can feel when the stick is moved, yes. 

Yellow: Wonderful.

Arthur: You know, our survival is linked. You can try to take less pleasure in my pain.  

He stands

Arthur: The papers? 

Yellow: Various forms, most with Larson Mining on the top. 

Arthur: Alright, so this is some sort of mining office. Though whomever was here left… and apologized to their mother…

Yellow: Familial connection. 

Arthur: Yes, actually — possibly. [He scoffs]

Yellow: What? 

Arthur: Nothing, John once said he’d… He used to be more appreciative of this aspect of the job. 

Yellow: He was weak. 

Arthur: Literally the farthest thing from it. 

Yellow: Is that so. 

Arthur: Weakness isn’t wishing to be mortal, or to enjoy life, it’s… it’s to think that power makes you valuable. 

Yellow: Doesn’t it? 

Arthur: No, it doesn’t. 

Yellow: You have the power to send me back. That makes you valuable to me. 

Main piano theme plays

Arthur: That’s not power making me valuable, that’s you needing something of me. That’s called needing others, or in this case needing a mere mortal. 

Yellow: Your logic is stretched. Whatever power you hold makes you valuable to a number of people. Not because of who you are but what you are capable of. I don’t need you because you’re Arthur, I need you because of what you can do for me. 

Arthur: So weakness is needing someone for no reason than who they are?

Yellow: Precisely. 

Arthur: Funny, that’s exactly what happened to John. 

Yellow: Which is why he was weak. 

Arthur: And yet you are him. Does no part of you wonder why? Why he yearned for these things? 

Yellow: Because he had no other option. 

Arthur: That’s a convenient answer. Easy to just hand wave a solution than try to figure it out. 

Yellow: Unless that is the answer. 

Arthur: You’re wrong – and the mere fact that you don’t have the capacity to question yourself, or what you believe, it shows how limited you are compared to him. 

Yellow: [Mocking] But I thought he was me? 

Arthur: He’s a better version of you than you could ever be. 

Yellow: You’re sure of that? 

Arthur: Absolutely. 

Yellow: Now who’s not willing to question their own beliefs?

Arthur: Alright, enough. 

Yellow laughs.

Arthur: God damn… look is there a name here? On any of these pages. 

Yellow: No, but these seem… old. Maybe filed away. 

Arthur: Alright, back to the desk then. 

He stands and walks across the cabin

Yellow: The blood is frozen over now; it looks like it has gotten colder. 

Arthur: Yeah, I can feel it through my clothes. 

Opening the drawer

Yellow: More papers, some signed. 

Arthur: What’s the name? 

Yellow: Again, it’s written very childish, but I think it says ‘Jack Larson.’ 

Sad piano music plays

Arthur: Jack… Well, that’s the familial connection. 

Yellow: There’s something sad, almost pathetic, about the way he writes. As if…

Arthur: You pity him?

Yellow: No.

Arthur: [Scoff] Of course not.

Piano fades

Yellow: There’s something else in the drawer. 

Arthur: What? 

Yellow: A box of .22 caliber rounds, and… some money, I think. 

Arthur: Right. Well, we’ll take the money. [He grabs it] So, if this is a mining office, which it seems to be, there’s probably  more things around here. It also doesn’t guarantee that this place is vacant, the way it seems to be. It could only be used in the summer, or while the mines are working. Is it even dark outside? 

Yellow: I don’t know; there are no windows in this place.  

Arthur: Right, oka, okay. I don’t want to be here if someone is on their way now. We should leave — we have warm clothing now. What’s the outside world looking like? 

Yellow: To your right. 

Footsteps. Arthur struggles to open the door. Sound of blustery wind.

Yellow: It’s dark, not pitch black but either early evening or early morning. I think there may be light in the distance. 

Arthur: How distant?

Yellow: I don’t know. I’ve never had to worry about distance before. 

Arthur: How… fuck… How remote are we? Is there anything else around? 

Yellow: Not that I can see. 

Arthur: Fine. 

The door shuts

Arthur: I heard wolves when I arrived. Damn… okay okay… 

Yellow: We can just stay here. There’s a bed and a fireplace. 

Arthur: We’ve taken clothes, money, we’ve torn the bed sheets — all of which we needed, but…if we’re found out there’s a slim chance that we’ll be welcome to just take these things. We’ve essentially stolen them. 

Yellow: So kill anyone that arrives. 

Arthur: No! I’m not a fucking murderer, Yellow! Look, we’re either on the outskirts of a town or in a small mining village. If there’s a light on close enough to see, then there’s a good chance that the mines are still running, which means this office is in use.  

Yellow: Alright. 

Arthur: So we leave this place behind, find where that light is coming from. 

Yellow: And the wolves? 

Arthur: This is the only question for me: do we bring the rifle? 

Yellow: If you insist on going, then yes, bring the rifle. 

Arthur: Yeah? 

Yellow: Yes. We need it, so take it. 

Arthur: You can’t think that way, not anymore. You can’t just take things.

Yellow: But? 

Arthur: But I agree that it would be beneficial, more beneficial than heading out there alone.

Yellow: I’m glad.

Arthur: This isn’t me being convinced by you. 

Footsteps - Arthur reaching

Yellow: A little higher. There.

Arthur takes the rifle.

Arthur: Alright. Where was the ammo? 

Yellow: The drawer, to your left. 

Arthur: Okay. 

Arthur retrieves the ammo.

Yellow: Don’t you think it’s possible he was just manipulating you? 

Arthur: This is hard for you to accept, isn’t it?

Yellow: I just think it’s a bit… pathetic.

Arthur: You know what I think is pathetic?

Yellow: What? 

Arthur: This. All of this. Sincerely. [Main piano theme starts] You come out swinging, claiming to be knowledgeable about stuff you are completely unaware of, and then you fight me tooth and nail over every insignificant thing, unable to let the smallest argument go unless you’re the winner. It— honestly, it’s incredible. 

Yellow: It sounds like you’re projecting. 

Arthur: It sounds like you’re a petulant child who – for the first time – is being told no. It’s—It’s funny, you know, I had so much more respect the first time around. Though looking back, I realize that was just fear. You scared me, and that's how you like this power dynamic to go.  

Yellow: Is that so?

Arthur: Yes, and now you’re just trying to throw everything you can at me hoping something sticks, hoping something gives you the smallest bit of attention. 

Yellow: If you think—

Arthur: Don’t – just, just don’t. You know what? Here’s my honest desire – and take it or leave it. I don’t want to fight you. I don’t have the energy right now. If you are as powerful and god-like as you truly believe you are, recognize that the smartest thing you can do – genuinely — is to get on side with me. It is the absolute most logical, straightforward way to get what you want. Gods shouldn’t care this much about arguing with a mortal. [Arthur sighs - loads the gun] There. Loaded. Let’s get the fuck out of here.


Yellow: Wait. 

Arthur: What?

Yellow: There are… snow shoes, next to the door. 

Arthur: Oh. Thank you. 

Yellow: Hm. 

Arthur buckles the snow shoes on.



Transcribed by the amazing Croik! My absolute appreciation to them for their effort and patience in making this.