March 31, 2022



Uproarious Audience Applause. The creak of someone sitting at a piano bench. Main piano theme begins to play. 

Distorted voice: You’re going to die.

Slice - the audience laughs and cheers as Arthur chokes on his blood. The audience fades into blowing wind, and the sound of Arthur struggling through snow. A different, melancholy piano melody plays in the background.

Creaking wood. Arthur, coughing and bleeding, pries open a wooden door and the wind dies down as he crawls inside.

The sound dies. Fades into soft radio music, a baby’s voice trying to speak.

Arthur: [Chuckling] Hey? Hi? How are you? Are you having a good time? Yes?

Baby saying nonsense. Arthur chuckles.

Arthur: Faroe.

Faroe: Dada?

Arthur chuckles.

Arthur jerks awake in the present. The wind is still blowing outside, Arthur breathing fast and shallow. Arthur struggles with the lighter and starts a fire. 

Thunder, and rain. Arthur humming Faroe to sleep.

Arthur: Sleep, little girl.

Arthur jerks awake again. Main piano theme plays as Arthur seems to be dressing his wounds. 

CRUNCH of Arthur setting his broken leg. He groans in pain.

Another CRUNCH. Arthur panting and whimpering.

Sound fades out. Resumes with Arthur slowly playing the first five notes of Faroe’s theme.

Arthur: Here, and here. [Presumably Faroe plays the five notes, haltingly] Good job! Like this. [Arthur plays five more] No no — Yeah. right there. [Faroe repeats them] And then… [Arthur plays five more notes. She repeats, gets one wrong] Yeah? Good job! And then… [Plays the next fiveshe repeats] What do you think? Do you like it?

Arthur wakes up. Main piano theme resumes. Arthur, crying, paws through his bag. The coin hits the ground. Piano shifts to a different theme.

Flashback of Kayne: And when all is said and done, you can always flip a coin. Two heads and all that.

Arthur flips the coin. There’s a WOOSH sound.

Kayne: Well, call it. Heads or tails — call it!

Arthur: [Breathing hard] Heads.

Kayne: [Sucks in a loud breath] Nope. Nope nope nope nope. [Feigning shock] Arty! Oh no, what’s happened!

Arthur: Help me, Kayne. 

Kayne: [Laughs] What a pickle. So, you used the dagger, I see, I see, I see.

Arthur: Where is he? 

Kayne: Of whom do you speak? 

Arthur: You know who. 

Kayne: [Laughing] Wow! You popped that right back in there, didn’t you? Or you tried. So you’re still blind, I see! Oh, sorry, poor choice of words.

Arthur: Tell me!

Kayne: He’s, well…ah, um, they’re not really getting along, it seems.

Arthur: What do you mean? 

Kayne: Look, Blondie has a lot more power than your fair-weather friend. Seems like the king is content to hang out in the Dreamlands while John gets wise over – oh a couple thousand years, probably.

Arthur: He said he’d fight him.

Kayne: I know, I was there! Way up in the nosebleeds mind you...

Arthur: Help him. 

Kayne: Help him? Why? 

Arthur: Because…

Kayne: Becauzzze… what’cha got? What’s on the table? 

Arthur: I have nothing…

Kayne: Oh, you got something. You got your fighting spirit! Look at you! [Mockingly] Pulled yourself in from out of the cold to this abandoned cabin, set a fire in the hearth, all while blind! What a champion!

Arthur: I have nothing to offer. 

Kayne: Well... Yea, I suppose that’s true. Hmmmm. You want him back. 

Arthur: I want him safe. 

Kayne: You want him back

Arthur: …Yes. 

Kayne: Knew it! And there’s nothing in it for me?

Arthur: I...

Kayne: You know, someone oughtta tell them that coins don’t land on their sides. Your friends suck at following the rules.

Arthur: What? 

Kayne: Look, I like you. I like when you shove my dagger into your throat, I enjoy our little repartette! [Paces a few steps] I’ll make you a deal. 

Piano resumes

Arthur: A deal?

Kayne: Yeah!  

Arthur: What kind of…?

Kayne: I’ll put him back, right where he belongs! I’ll even give you your arm and leg back -but, not your eyes. You only have eyes for him!

Arthur: And?

Kayne: And? Hmmmmm, good question. I have to think of a catch, right? What Malevolent entity appears and offers a trade that only benefits? [Laughs maniacally] Huh, huh, huh, huh, hmm… oh. Ooh, yes!

Arthur: What? 

Kayne: John comes back, owns your eyes — as he always did — you get your body back… but! He. Remembers. Nothing

Piano speeds up

Arthur: Nothing? 

Kayne: Nothing. No first meeting, no memories in the Dreamlands, no path towards humanity… nothing. 

Arthur: I…

Kayne: He is as you first met him: a lost and confused, fractured piece of the King in Yellow. 

Arthur: But I…

Kayne: [Mocking] But I…! [Sharply] What? 

Arthur: He...

Kayne: Look, I get it — you don’t want to lose your friend!  But you aren’t! Not really. If you stay like this, you really lose him. This way, he has the capacity to grow! Just as he did before. Can’t you just start again? 

Arthur: I… I don’t know.

Kayne: Huhhh, well, it’s a timed offer. 

Arthur: How long do I—

Kayne: Three.

Arthur: Wait—

Kayne: Two.

Arthur: Let me—

Kayne: One.

Arthur: Fine! Deal. 

Kayne: Deal? 

Arthur: Yes. 

Kayne: Ohhhh Arthur…! [Whispers] This is going to be so much fun. [Louder] Say hi for me. 

A magical woosh. The coin hits the floor.

Arthur: [Tentative] Hello? Is anyone there?

The Entity: [Exactly like episode one] Don’t you remember?



Transcribed by the amazing Croik! My absolute appreciation to them for their effort and patience in making this.